The biochemical profile is a series of blood tests used to evaluate the functional capacity of several critical organs and systems, such as the liver and kidneys. These tests can be done on an empty stomach or not, and are usually accompanied by a complete blood count (CBC).

The biochemical laboratory is multidisciplinary and provides service to the various departments of Fortune HealthCare Solutions, the outpatient clinics and external sources.
The laboratory performs a wide variety of different biochemical tests in whole blood, serum/ plasma and other bio fluids by the use of a wide range of equipment, from the simple most basic to automated, modern and sophisticated systems.
Lab results are controlled by internal and external quality control programs.

Laboratory activities are spread out among several units, each representing a distinct field:
Emergency Biochemical Lab: Provides service for emergency testing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The emergency lab conducts tests, mainly electrolyte, enzymes, gas and pH in whole blood and body fluids testing and other urgent tests such as Troponin I HS, BNP, Procalcitonin, Lamictal, Lactate, Ammonia and BhCG.
The service is oriented to the emergency room and other hospital departments.

Routine Blood Testing Unit:
The Routine Unit Provides service from 08 a.m. till 16:00 p.m.
Tests performed in this unit include renal function, liver, heart, specific proteins, lipid proteins, iron indices, Bile Acid monitoring.
The Immunology Unit:  this unit conducts various immunology tests by ELISA Method (ANA, APLA, ENA).
In addition, serum protein electrophoresis and Bence Jones (immunoglobulin light chain in the urine).

The Endocrinology and Cancer Marker Unit:
Various hormonal blood tests are conducted and hormonal monitoring of the hypophysis and glands for infertility treatment, PTH monitoring in real time and βHCG testing. Additionally, the unit is responsible for testing various cancer markers such as Ca 125, Ca 153, Ca 19-9, AFP, and PSA/fPSA.

The Unit for Clinical Pharmacology:
Conducts a wide range of drug level testing in the blood and includes monitoring of antibiotics and anti-convulsing drugs.
Clinical pharmacology provides service as part of the Emergency Lab.

Routine urine testing:
Carries out routine urine testing (including microscopy) and various fluids.
In addition, the unit is responsible for fecal occult blood tests and for measured osmolality.

Special tests:
Carries out  some special tests such as G6PD, IgE, CTX (Bone metabolism measuring), Total Homocysteine (indication for CVD, CAD), FLC (kappa and lambda chain for diagnosis and follow up of Multiple Myeloma)

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